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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
The very lovely Helen from Tomorrows Treasures has agreed to join our merry little band of lovely ladies. Here is little bio from Helen.

"Crazy 41 yr old, loves God, her family and some friends.(LOL)
I have been crafting my whole life, then I met paper crafting and it has taken control. I really can't remember last time I made something that wasn't paper. I am married to a great guy, mom to 3 kids 22,13,12 and 2 fur balls. One I use as my avatar. I love to talk so be sure you stop at my blog and chat with me. I am so happy to be asked to be on the DT. Stitchy has some great images, go check them out if you don't believe me. I hope I can do them justice."

Well I'm sure she will so please do pop over to her blog and say hi.
Take care all
Friday, January 22, 2010
Right then my lovely challengers to be, I have some piccys for you of some candy that will be added to our first overall winners prize of GDT spot and digi of their choice from our mighty leader - STITCH!!! Sorry guys, thats a running gag between us as she doesn't like to be called the on the other hand love it heheehehe.
Anyway onto some lovely pics of stuff you could win.

This is just some of the yumminess you could get your crafty little mitts on as our first overall winner. There are a couple more pics at least to come yet ( one of them is mine - I'm slacking I know! ).
Thanks to all of you that have become followers so far and don't forget about our two mini comps that are going on at the moment. Guess the amount of followers and get a free digi of your choice by Stitchy HERE and guess the amount of ribbon in each bundle HERE and get that bundle if you win.
Right then keep your eyes peeled for some more winners candy piccies soon.
Take care
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Afternoon all. Liz, our jr DT co-ordinator has said she will offer these two bundles of ribbons and what-not - BUT ...there's a catch. She would like you to guess how many ribbons are in each bundle AND follow this here challenge blog, so here are your pictures for you to guess at.

Bundle one

Bundle two

As you can see there is more than just ribbon in both bundles - feathers, tulle, flowers shame I can't enter!

Also keep your eyes peeled for more candy news coming soon. We are all going to have some candy up for grabs for our first challenge which will wing their way to our first overall winner. So whoever the lucky person is, they will be getting little presents from each of us through the post as well as getting a choice of digi stamp from Stitchys store HERE and a GDT spot on the team!

Okay for a chance to win either bundle of ribbon, leave us a comment with your guess and which bundle you are guessing on, so bundle 1 = ? or bundle 2 = ? and don't forget to follow.
Sunday, January 17, 2010
Hello Everyone who sees this...
Since we are all chompin' at the bit, like Sammy says lol, thought I would throw up a little mini challenge for everyone to play along with...
Here's how it works...
Become a follower then leave a comment to this post with how many followers you think we will acquire when Valentine's Day (our first challenge) hit'
That's it!!!
Only one comment counts, so make it a good one lol...
Winner get's to receive one digi of choice from my products

Also, I want to thank everyone who has posted our badge on your blog...that is so awesome, thank you so very much for spreading the word...
Please use the email box if you would like to see a particular challenge or anything that comes to mind...I am one of those type's that checks thier emails, ummm at least every 10 minutes when home hahaha
I do need to get a life huh lmao..
Have fun and so happy you are all here...
Love & hugz
stitch xx

I've just got all our bios together - some are short and sweet....some not so short (you can guess who likes yapping the most then heheehehe). If you click on their names it will take you straight to their blogs so you can start checking out their fab work.
Here goes then - let me introduce the team, in no particular order.


I'm a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, I have 2 grown up children, son Joey 32yrs, & daughter Jenene 27yrs, also 2 grandchildren, Bobby, 21mths, & Katie, 3mths, & Dusty our wee Mini-Schnauzer doggie. I live in N Ireland Co/Antrim and have been crafting for nearly 3yrs now, mainly for family & friends.
I love cardmaking, scrapbooking, colouring with inks, pens, watercolors, and have just found my love for stamping,

Sarah x

Spyder aka Lyn

Hi, I'm Lyn. I live in The New Forest Hampshire, with hubby John. We’ve been married for nearly 35 years. ( we were babies!!) We have two married daughters. Emma and Maria and one grandson, Mason. The first Crafty thing I can remember doing was when I was five. I’d just started school and we made pauper-mâché flower pots and painted them! Wow!! I loved mixing the paint and once I realised you can make glue by mixing flour and water that was it!! I made all sorts of things by covering anything from chicken wire to old lamp stands, turned custard tins into secret money boxes and old books into treasure chests (I still have a dragons head in my attic!!) I was rubbish at school. The only thing I was good at was art and was told the year I left that I was probably dyslexic. In spite of this, I taught Play School for twelve years and helped children who couldn’t read at the local school for a while. I’ve been a riding Instructor, a gardener and a Face Painter who dressed as a clown! I love writing stories. My one claim to fame was coming in the top ten out of 46,000 entries in the Richard and Judy TV show a few years back. But I could never have done this without ‘Word’ and my computer or without the support of Hubby John who encourages me in everything I do. In my teens and right up until the nineties I sold my cartoon strips to local magazines and papers and single cartoons to National Newspapers like the Daily Mirror and The Sun, . I found card making a few years ago after an op that went wrong. Being very bored I found Dawn Bibby on the telly and just couldn’t believe it! I started my blog 'Spyder’s Corner' in February 2009, and the rest is history! My ambition I think, is to have at least one of my stories published and maybe get into digi stamps or even both!



Hello, I'm Susan, I'm nearly 40 (when did that happen???). I've been playing at papercrafting for a few years now and I like to dabble with most things. My current craft passion is digital stamping and colouring. If you haven't tried digi stamps before I HIGHLY recommend it - you can re-size them to suit, and you can print as many times as you like with no smudges or blank bits or blurred bits (LOL, can you tell I'm just rubbish at rubber stamping?)

Lizzy M

Hi my name is Liz, I love to craft, knitting, tapestry, embroidery, you name it I've done it, but then I discovered stamping and well that's my passion now, I love to colour them with Copics or Distress ink's both of which I find fun to use, the world of digi stamps is fantastic as you can use them so easily, and change the size to what size you need, so welcome to Stitchy stamps, join in with us and have fun, Hugs Liz xx


I have been married for 27 years,have 2 Children Gary 27 and my daughter Lisa 24. I live in a tiny village in Norfolk which is situated near the Norfolk broads.
I have been crafting,seriously for about a year. I love all types of craft including,altered art,atc,s and just love experimenting with different techniques.
I am a designer for June at
Also DT for Jude at
DT for
also personal designer for
Donna at
and not forgetting dear stitchy at
I was also made ATC designer 2009 on trimmcraft,have also been published in an American magazine called Cards Uk ,and also in paper craft inspirations.
What I love about crafting is the wonderful people you get to meet,and how it distracts you from everyday,problems.I have been lucky enough to be able to design for some of the most talented people in Blog land and love every minute of it.


Little bio my Sammy says to me lol...well here goes, you asked for it...

My Story,
Umm Born on a Mountain, raised in a cave
Truckin and oh wait wrong story hahahaha' now seriously folks, here it is:

My name is Kathy aka Stitchy..I started psping (that would be paint shop pro) about 6 years ago, starting with the never ending tutorials out there to learn to do this and that...I use to be in MSN groups (before they went exstinct like the dinosaur's lol)...First it was a crocheting group - hence the name "Stitchy" (there was a time in my life you would not catch me without a hook or yarn at least within in reach) and then when we would play the games, they would give us these little siggie tags they called them lmao...well with my personality, you know I just had to learn what that was all about lol..and so I did...well then the siggie tags got to be quite boring to me and I knew there was more out there, so the big thing was scraps (to make these siggie tags lmao)...So I grabbed up a few tuts and away I went to the land of psp again...that only lasted about 6 months, the market was just FLOODED with scrappers and they were all so good lol...Then about 6 months ago a good friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of digital Stamps...WOW, I have not even looked back one time...I feel like a steam locomotive when I open up my psp now, I can't get them digi's done fast enough and Oh my the end result's...well you all know what they are...they honestly bring tears to my eyes at times...
Now about me Kathy aka Stitchy the person not the creator...I live in Upstate New York ( I say that because so many mistake when you say I am from NY, they automatically assume you from that crazy city lol)...I was born in a small burb of Pittsburgh PA so many years ago lol...Married to TJ for almost 20 years now...have a teenage daughter 16 named Samantha (you can see her baby picture in one of my digi's appropriately named "Samantha" lol) and I have a 13 year old son named Jacob (he's my next digi lmao)...I also have a pit bull named Holden, a tiny miniature poodle mixed with chiuaua (mean little bit but I love her to death) named Lola or I call her cocoa loco, she is one nutcase lmao...and yes of course we have the fur babies, one old long hair cat (old as the hills ) and one long sleek black cat (mean as the day is long) lmao...and yes, feathered friends too Peeka & Boo my two cocketiels...whew ok think I am done, oh wait, not yet lmao...
I love to laugh and have fun and meet new people, make new friends and just plain ole have a wonderful time....I am so happy to meet everyone that chances across this challenge blog and reads this...

Love & Hugz
Stitchy xx


My name is Liz I live in Ayrshire in Scotland with my husband and dog named Scrappy I have two grown up sons, one grandson, and two lovely grandaughters. I have been crafting in one way or another all my life, but started paper crafting approx 15yrs ago.I started my blog in May 2009 after shutting my own crafts forum I ran for near four years.I also took over the  the Drayton Lady swaps on Trimcrafts Forum for a time, but gave that up to to concentrate on blogging which I have taken to like a duck to water and have loved every single minute of it! I have made so many lovely new friends in the last eight months it is brilliant! I am now on five DT and am loving the challenge and variety of that! I am so looking forward to the opening of "One Stitch at a Time" Challenge blog working with Stitch,Sam & Cheryl and the rest of the team,each and every person on this team are lovely !

Sam - me

Now I'm the joker of the pack and it's my job to keep this lot happy and smiling and I do try....ask my olds and my hubby - they all think I'm very trying!!!
Anyway I'm mainly into my card making although I have made the odd ATC, 4x4 and roundie and even a whole scrapbook from scratch of our sadly departed Billy (our male Staffy).
I love my copics and I think I may be starting to run a few of them out already as I use them nearly all the time. I'm on a few DTs, (Stitchys personal DT, Stamping Dragon Designs and Digital-Ink Co) but this is my biggest challenge to date as I'm not the most organised of people and I'm surprised I've got this far to be honest hahahaha.
I hope you will enjoy our little challenges each fortnight and keep coming back as you guys out there are so talented and I for one love going around and seeing all your fabby work. You give me so much inspiration and ideas (although most do disappear from my head if I don't take notes or something until I stumble upon someone else doing it!)
Well, that is about it for all of us for now. Hopefully you'll all get to know us better and us you over the coming months and we're looking forward to you all turning up for our first challenge on the Sunday 14th February - St Valentines Day
Friday, January 15, 2010
Hi all just a little note to say that we are currently working on this site and hope to have it up and running as soon as humanly possible. We have got our fab DT lined up and they are chomping at the bit to get going.
To start with it will be a two weekly challenge with a top three and an overall winner who will be offered a GDT spot with us. We are going to have regular candy giveaways as well as our DT occasionally offering candy up for grabs too.
As things progress, I'll update with a new post  - soon I hope to have bios from our DT watch this space!!


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