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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Afternoon all. Liz, our jr DT co-ordinator has said she will offer these two bundles of ribbons and what-not - BUT ...there's a catch. She would like you to guess how many ribbons are in each bundle AND follow this here challenge blog, so here are your pictures for you to guess at.

Bundle one

Bundle two

As you can see there is more than just ribbon in both bundles - feathers, tulle, flowers shame I can't enter!

Also keep your eyes peeled for more candy news coming soon. We are all going to have some candy up for grabs for our first challenge which will wing their way to our first overall winner. So whoever the lucky person is, they will be getting little presents from each of us through the post as well as getting a choice of digi stamp from Stitchys store HERE and a GDT spot on the team!

Okay for a chance to win either bundle of ribbon, leave us a comment with your guess and which bundle you are guessing on, so bundle 1 = ? or bundle 2 = ? and don't forget to follow.


Jackie said...

Super blog!!! I think there are 128 ribbons in bundle 1 and 142 in bundle 2!!! OK so I am no good at counting!! LOL
Good luck with the new blog!
Jackie x

debb said...

I think 50 in bundle 1 and 60 in bundle 2. But I think no matter how many are in there, it seems like a delicious pile of goodies!

Liz is so organised, and what a fab idea for candy :D

Hi - good luck with the new venture ladies - Ribbon bundle 1 definitely has 43 ribbons, and Bundle 2 definitely has 58 - I counted them all very very carefully.
Love, Sylvia xxxx
PS: Have definitely become a follower too!

Liz, I know I'm a bit bonkers but I'll guess 30 in bundle 1 and 40 in bundle 2. You brat.

stitchy said...

oooo do I get to play too lmao....okay, I'm guessin' bundle #1 has 28 and bundle #2 has 33, only coz they my favorite numbers lmao....great idea lizbit, you rock...
stitch xx

Suzi Mac said...

Hi Girls, I love the look of bundle 1 ( that red boa is delicious) I think 48 ribbons and for bundle 2 54 ribbons. Hope I'm right with that first one. Good luck for the new venture.

Suzi x

Joanne said...

Love your new blog, and am looking forward to the fun challenges! As for the ribbons, geez, what a couple of fun bundles! Thanx Liz! Bundle 1, 53 and bundle 2, 71. Just guessing!

June said...

Bundle 1 i think will have 55 and bundle 2 maybe 66
thanks for the chances ladies. This is exciting stuff

hugs June xxx

Kat said...

Hi there what a lovely idea for candy. I think there are 67 in bundle 1 and 53 in bundle 2. I'm following and looking forward to the first challenge.

Kat x

Anne said...

Woohoo, another challenge for me to try to fit in! Love your new blog and I'll have a go at guessing :

Bundle 1 - 29
Bundle 2 - 36
Hugs xx

jude said...

Good luck to you all for your new challenge blog.
bundle 1:60
cya on the 14th Good luck!
hugs jude

Dazie said...

ooo such lovely candy!

Bundle 1 - 103
Bundle 2 - 97

Good luck to everyone!!! Cant wait for the challenges to begin!

1 = 47
2 = 52

pretty spot on, woudn't you say?! grins!

Mary said...

I think bundle 1 has 42 ribbons and bundle 2 has 53 ribbons.


Hiya and what a gorgeous bundle of ribbons they both are - would love to win them so am guessing

Bundle 1 43

Bundle 2 47

Wishing you all every success

xx Hilda

What fab bundles these are - I'm going to say 56 in both bundles because I don't think anyone has picked that number yet!

Unknown said...

Great idea Liz - I think bundle 1 has 60 and bundle 2 has 70. I actually have no idea but you gotta be in it to win it. Am following too.
Dawn xx

Bundle One: 42
Bundle Two: 26

Why? Because I said so!!!

Unknown said...

33 in bundle 1
41 in bundle 2
Have entered in the card challenge, good luck everyone

pinky said...

Hard to guess, but I just counted the ribbons lol
Bundle 1 = 25
Bundle 2 = 30

Sarah said...

53 for bundle one and 54 for bundle two - May have counted two ends twice!!!! good luck to all. Sarah x

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